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We take great pride in the stewardship of our Stanley, Aladdin and MiGo brands and thoughtfully develop products that deliver on each brand’s promise.

Stanley - Built For Life. Since 1913.

Remember the green bottle your grandpa always carried on camping trips or on his way to work? It probably had a few scratches on it, may have even been dropped once or twice, yet despite the abuse, it always kept coffee hot….for hours. That’s the legendary Stanley® bottle. Today, the Stanley brand offers a wide range of durable food and beverage gear that fuels your outdoor adventures. No matter the year, or where you are, you can always count on one thing: when you buy a Stanley product, you get quality gear. Built for Life. Since 1913.

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From the makers of the classic thermos comes the classic flask. Keeping eight ounces of your travel beverage of choice safe and secure even on the roughest routes.

A dependable thermos is an essential cold-weather sidekick.

With a thermal-insulated stainless steel body and lid, your Joe will stay warm for up to 6 hours (24 hours for cold drinks).

Aladdin - Since 1908.

Remember that lunch box you loved as a kid? Aladdin probably made it. For more than 100 years Aladdin has been creating thoughtful products that make the most of everyday moments. Today that means stylish and sustainable food & beverage containers for women and their families.

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”Party trick - serve drinks in Mason Jars – Now available with handles and built-in straws”

“It’s Arnold Palmer Season…Steep half iced tea and half lemonade, then sip in a BPA free Original Insulated Mason Tumbler.”

“(Aladdin’s Insulated Mason Tumber - ) An updated, shatter-proof ode to the canning classic.”

Assured Quality. Reassured Choice.

Established in Seattle, USA in 1999, Migo is a food and beverage container brand dedicated to creating a lifestyle that is oriented around health, safety and sustainability. Product lines under the Migo brand are created and produced with stringent product innovation and quality management processes. For young men, women and families in their high paced urban life, Migo is a thoughtful friend and accompanies you for your enjoyment of food and beverage everywhere.

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CBN (China Business Network) has interviewed Rob Harris, the CEO of PMI during the 30th anniversary celebration in 2013.

City Herald has interviewed the Migo team during Migo presentation at the 107th China Houseware Expo.

PMI has held a highly successful Migo presentation at the 107th China Houseware Expo held from August 1-3, 2013 in Shanghai.